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Canton Roof Fungus Cleaning

Your roof is essential for protecting your home or business. Fungus in the form of mildew, moss, mold and other surface fungal problems can cause aesthetic and structural damage to your roof. At Alpha Pressure Washing, we offer professional Canton roof fungus cleaning to protect the investment in your property.

When fungus takes hold on your roof, it can cause a variety of issues. The most noticeable is the appearance – moss, mildew or mold on your roof looks ugly and creates an appearance of a poorly maintained building. The second concern is damage to your roof from fungus. The organisms can grow in between shingles and may stain light-colored roofing materials. If left untreated, fungus on roofs can result in detrimental damage to the shingles or other roofing materials, shortening the lifespan of your expensive roof.

Pressure washing is a safe and effective option for cleaning fungus from roof surfaces, but it should only be performed by a trained professional. You need to use the correct equipment for the roof type and utilize the proper pressure and techniques. Cleaning a roof improperly can do as much damage as the fungus, which is why you should always hire a professional to clean your roof in Woodstock or Canton, GA.

Safe Roof Cleaning

At Alpha Pressure Washing, we are your source for quality roof cleaning in Cherokee County. We can effectively remove mildew, moss, mold and other fungus from your commercial or residential roof while protecting the surface from damage. We are licensed and insured to protect our customers from liability – you can protect yourself from injuries on your property from unsafe roof cleaning. Our employees can safely clean your roof and our company complies with all state of Georgia insurance requirements in case of injuries while performing roof cleaning services.

Fungus can impact the appearance and structure of your roof. If you need your home or roof cleaned in Canton or Woodstock, GA, contact us at Alpha Pressure Washing. Call us today for a roof mold or mildew removal quote or to schedule your next roof fungus pressure cleaning.

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