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Is It Safe to Pressure Wash Stucco? Canton, GA

Is It Safe to Pressure Wash Stucco?

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Stucco can provide a stunning exterior for your home. The finish can look sharp and offer a sophisticated exterior compared to other types of siding. The trouble with stucco is that while it looks wonderful when its clean and new, it does not stay that way. The texture of stucco is prone to collecting debris, dirt and mildew, ruining the appearance. Stucco needs to be cleaned routinely to maintain a beautiful home exterior, but is it safe to use pressure washing?

Myths and Facts About Stucco Cleaning

There are varying opinions on stucco cleaning and whether it is safe to use power washing as an option. Many DIY websites will say that it is safe, but then warn about the dangers of performing it incorrectly. Other home maintenance companies will claim you should never pressure wash stucco. It can be difficult to know what to believe and separate facts from myths.

The truth is that stucco is a tricky surface to clean. Can you use a pressure washer to clean your stucco home? Absolutely, but there are risks when you try to do this on your own. The texture and finish on the stucco needs to be carefully cleaned using the right pressure, tip and technique. If you do not know the correct method, pressure washing could damage the surface and end up costing you much more doing it yourself than if you hired a professional.

Cleaning Stucco the Right Way

Pressure washing stucco should only be performed once it has been inspected for cracks and surface damage. These need to be filled and repaired before you clean to reduce risk of water intrusion. Once the stucco is ready for cleaning, it is worth the investment to hire a professional pressure washing company that specializes in stucco, like our team at Alpha Pressure Washing.

If you own a stucco home in the Canton or Woodstock, GA area, keep it clean and beautiful with routine pressure washing. Our employees are carefully trained on the safest techniques and equipment to properly clean stucco, leaving it clean and elegant. Call us today for a quote on your next stucco cleaning service.

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